Dillon Perillo is currently in Indo with DC for a filming trip and by all accounts is going really well. They are at Lakey Peak and by the looks of STAB and TWSurf updates the waves are pumping. Dillon will be back for the Dear Suburbia premiere in Huntington Beach on August 2nd. He is a part of this awesome film and you can watch the trailer for it HERE. After the premiere and a visit to the last weekend of the U.S. Open, Dillon will then head out on tour with the What Youth crew across the country.

Dillon is a busy dude, no question. As if all this wasn’t enough here are a couple other things he has a hand in. First up he was in Electric Wilderness a project done by the Coffin Bro’s which came out great! You can watch that HERE. He is also in the What Youth production Daze at Sea, you can watch that HERE.

Dillon still from Dear Suburbia. Photo: WhatYouth.com


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